Nitrogen Ice cream Machine Control

Why Invest in Bayard Nitro Mixer Control?

Proprietary Technology System

Affordable pricing for cutting edge technology

Easy learning, user-friendly touchscreen

Plug and Play controller

Chef's quality liquid nitrogen ice cream

2020 Controller with valve assembly

Controller with valve assembly for soft texture ice cream.

Sustainable control system solution was developed for liquid nitrogen ice cream production.



New Plug & Play Valve Assembly

Bayard's goal is to produce consistently gourmet tasting ice cream.

Bayard's Nitro Mixer Control works with single serving or small batch ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, milkshakes and gelato.


Convert Manual Valve to Automatic Valve

New Control for Plug & Play Cryogenic ASCO valve

Designed for third party cryogenic valve

 Request valve specifications 

Automate your system.


Bayard Control for Custom VJ Valve

 Designed for highspeed custom third party cryogenic VJ valve utilizing Bayard Industrial Nitro Mixer Control, now in California, Florida, Texas and Canada. 

Automation Control System

Bayard Nitro Mixer Control with New Valve Assembly

Bayard Nitro Mixer Control with New Valve Assembly

Bayard Nitro Mixer Control with New Valve Assembly


P/N 816DV    New  Valve Assembly

with pressure relief valve.

Works with 6 mixers (Request List) 

Stops dosing and mixer when ice cream is ready.

Bayard Nitro Mixer Control

Bayard Nitro Mixer Control with New Valve Assembly

Bayard Nitro Mixer Control with New Valve Assembly


Plug and Play automation for for mixer and valve.

Industrial touchscreen and computer system.

Bayard Control is steadfast in our automation technology, pledge to deliver the best and safest to ensure proper liquid nitrogen dosing is achieved before point of sale.

2016 Controller for VJ valve

Controller design for third party vacuum jacketed valve

Increase Your Profit

Ice cream batch LN2 total usage

Bayard Nitro  Mixer Control is the "One & Only" control, that displays LN2  milliliters usage for each batch of ice cream. Liquid nitrogen is one of the most expensive ingredients.

Increase your profit by controlling your process using the latest industrial process control technology.  

Investing in Bayard Nitro Mixer control is cutting edge. It will reduce LN2 usage, reduce mixer damage, ensures consistency of ice cream, reduce training using automation, reduce customer wait time and most important, produce a quality product.

Nitrogen ice cream scoop challenge, Can you scoop your ice cream when served?

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