Bayard Nitro Mixer Control

Nitrogen Ice cream Machine Control

Increases mixer life

Control Hardness & Creaminess 

Reduces operator training

Multitasking technology

Automatic & Semi-Automatic



Bayard Nitro Mixer Control with valve assembly

Bayard Control is steadfast in our automation technology, pledge to deliver the best and safest to ensure proper liquid nitrogen dosing is achieved before point of sale.

P/N 816DV 3rd Generation Nitro Mixer Control  

Works with 5 supported mixers (Request List)

Safety pressure relief on valve

About Us

Designed for third party nitrogen valve

21st Century Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Engineered Technology - Utilizing Bayard Industrial Nitro Mixer Control, now in California, Florida, Texas and Canada. 

1st Generation prototype control 2013

3rd  Generation control designed, with all the research and development over the years. There is more to dynamic freezing of liquid nitrogen ice cream,that only a computer can control. It is one of the most important operations in making ice cream. Automatic Control & Semi-Automatic Control

Automatic Dosing


Bayard Nitro Mixer Control regulates dynamic freezing process of ice cream base. 


Bayard's goal is to produce consistently gourmet tasting ice cream.

Single serving or small batch.


Nitrogen Ice Cream Catering 

Manual Push Button To Vent Gas 

Automatic Control

Mechanical Keep-Cold Device used to maintain liquid in the VJ Pipe line and vent gas 

Increase Your Profit

Ice cream batch LN2 total usage

Display Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) total usage for product base

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine Control

Increase your profit by controlling your process using the latest industrial process control technology. Reduce customer waiting time during peak hours, keep customers happy. Automation system for quality & high-speed liquid nitrogen ice cream production.

Bayard Industrial Nitro Mixer Control gives you that competitive edge. It can produce an order in as little as 60 seconds from start to finish!  It has ability to create consistent recipes. 

Bayard Nitro Mixer Control 

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