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Custom Control Manufacturing - Entertainment Powerball Game

Game show control

Bayard Machine Control specializes in the design and manufacturing of proprietary software for computer process control automation, utilizing highly sophisticated algorithms.

Bayard Machine Control has been in business since 1993. BMC continues to grow via reputation as an Innovative Industrial Control System Engineer.

Bayard Machine Control specializes in creating custom controllers using smart technology - Greenwood Fin Machine

"Greenwood Fin Machine"


We are forward-thinking and have a true business-to-technology vision.

Process control automation solution is based on the idea of smart technology. The idea of smart technology is to create software, which can react adequately to system changes. 

We take automation technology to the next level - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine

3rd Generation  Bayard Nitro Mixer Control


Industrial strength smart machine automation controls for Next-Generation Machines.

Human-machine interface (Touch Screen) integration for industrial automation on new products.

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