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Bayard LN2 Automation Control for
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine

Machine Upgrade Accessory


 Making Ice Cream  VIDEO


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Vision Inspection HMI

Internet VPN remote setup of product inspection

Robotic Assembly Machine Automation

50 parts per minute

Chlorine Dioxide Waste Treatment System Automation

Prototype UL508A Control

Control System Retrofit Flair Brush Machine

Simple part design at controller, just enter diameter, number of holes and flair angle

Servo Feed Multi-Stage Stamping Parts

Select part from Recipe for die stage stamping


48" Continuous Glass Tempering System Retrofit

12 heat zones set at 1300 degrees F with remote modem support


Sinusoidal Motion Control

Recipe with Frequency Velocity Displacement

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 Automation Control Technology

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine Upgrade (Video)

Powerball Game Show              Timing is Everything (Video)

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine Upgrade (Video)

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Automation Plug and Play

 BMC  has found Plug and Play is a growing trend in the manufacturing/design of electrical controls. The equipment is smaller and faster, especially in automation . When there is a failure, the top priority is to get the equipment running as quickly as possible.

 Motion and Process Control

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Process Control Automation

Process control automation solution is based on the idea of smart technology . The idea of smart technology is to create software, which can react adequately to system changes.


Bayard Machine Control specializes in creating custom controllers using smart technology.

 Bayard Machine Control does not manufacture machinery. 




Benefits of Industrial Automation:
Reduces Production Cost
Improved Quality, Reliability
Keeps You Competitive

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Why choose Bayard Machine Control for industrial technology automation ?

Increased Production - Experience - Enduring Products - Adaptability - Accountability

Production Performance Monitoring

Computer Process Control 3rd Generation for use with Liquid Nitrogen Machines

Bayard Machine Control specializes in the design and manufacturing of proprietary computer process control automation, utilizing highly sophisticated algorithms. 


                   The Process Controller Functions in Two Different Modes 
1) Manual mode can be utilized by pushing buttons to turn dosing valve ON/OFF and mixer ON/OFF.

2) Automatic mode with customizable touchscreen recipes for different cryogenic valves, mixers and installations.    


Bayard Controls introduces a highly effective smart technology for hardening ice cream and other frozen desserts such as Sorbet, Smoothies and Ice Coffee.   

Reduce Labor Costs, Nitrogen Usage, Customer Wait Time
Consistently smooth ice cream (stops over freezing)
Saves time on operator training by utilizing touchscreen recipes
Lower installed costs (Plug and Play)
Extends mixer life with automatic dosing
One-year limited warranty and telephone technical support

The automatic cryogenic hardening recipes, can prolong the life of your mixer and significantly improves the flash freeze process.


 Introducing 3rd Generation Controls  

Bayard Control P/N 816DC,Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Mixing Controller will work with  1/2" vacuum jacketed (VJ) pneumatic type actuator valve.

 $5400.00 (Each)   VIDEO



Bayard Control P/N 816AC, Prototype Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Mixing Controller will work with non—vacuum jacketed 3/8” cryogenic compact design valve ideal for Restaurants and Catering Services.

$5600.00 (Each)  


 Soft Ice Cream and Milkshakes Video

  Purchasing Steps For Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine

Step 1.  Send email to BMC for valve specifications and then contact a Cryogenics Equipment Service who will supply pipe and valve design for Bayard Controller.

Step 2.  NOTE: Before you purchase mixers, send BMC an email for a list of tested mixers.

Step 3.  Then place your order for Bayard Controller.




                   Introducing 3rd Generation Control    


            1.  Create consistent recipes that produce your developed texture

            2.  Touch screen for store managers to maintain texture quality

            3.  Technology is “user-friendly” and provide instructions clearly visible to the user

            4.  Touchscreen vibration isolation stand with tilting & rotating 

            5.  Easy to duplicate Recipes

            6.  Real-Time Hardening Process Chart Shows System Performance

            7.  Remote updates via cellular modem


3rd Generation Videos :

       California Operator Visual

       Florida Operator Visual


       Florida Customer Visual






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